50 days of art + essays

These paintings were part of The 100 Day Project beginning April 7, 2020. It’s an annual collective challenge that takes place on Instagram under #the100dayproject hashtag. My haiku series came out of the first year I participated in this project in 2016, although I only made it 21 days. This project was a continuation of my word series, where I create a 6″ painting based on the Word of Day, although some days I chose to write an essay using the WOTD instead.

I took a hiatus in the fall of 2020 to finish a painting for an auction, and then started yet another business in 2021, so priorities shifted and I decided to cap this project at 50 pieces. However, the words I painted were the 50 sequential words from April-June 2020. The 50th piece will be completed in early 2022 when I get around to adding the last layer.

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