to hasten the occurrence of; bring about prematurely, hastily, or suddenly. Meteorology: to fall to the earth's surface as a condensed form of water; to rain, snow, hail, drizzle, etc.

6" x 6"

140# hot-press watercolor paper

India ink, acrylic paint, paint marker, gloss/matte medium, mixed media

I wanted to create a simple abstract for this word. An intuitive, emotion-based painting which ended up being very experimental. The initial idea, once on paper, ended up being too simplistic, so I kept adding texture and other elements until it looked cool. This is actually the second attempt at it (the colors and feel were totally wrong in the first one so I started over).

The blue is the incoming rain, hail or complicated consequences resulting from a series of decisions. The large black angular area is added complexity and movement. The green overlays, white lines and tape are because it felt right.