The Wisdom of Paint and Intuition

An attempt to paint “rest” became a lesson on listening to myself.


Not Everything Needs to be Fixed

Paintings tell a story. Do we dislike the story they’re telling? Or is it that we simply aren’t listening?


Why You Need a Therapist, and How to Find One

Every one of us grows up in an imperfect environment, developing coping mechanisms that we carry throughout our lives. We’re influenced by something invisible.


Painting Observations

Two paintings in my studio made me think. Resilience isn’t the result of a negative experience; it’s a result of working through its aftermath.


On Re-Reading Books

Daily thought: re-reading a book is never the same experience; you are never the same person.


Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

Taking care of others requires taking care of yourself. The people around you feed off your energy; managing your own stress is beneficial for them too.


Color Blind (A Poem About Privilege)

I read about George Floyd and couldn’t sleep. The brazenness of it. What it means to say “Black Lives Matter.” I wrote a poem to the White church in America.


I Switched From Evernote to Bear, Then Back

Every Bear vs. Evernote article I’d seen preferred Bear. After using it myself, I disagree. Here’s a different perspective on a great app that’s not for me.


Mindsets Make Reality

Your mindset determines your reality. If you think “everything always goes wrong” it probably will. If you think, “today is going to be great” it probably will.


Mind Your Substitutes

Meaningful work requires momentum, and we often make empty substitutions. What feels productive might be procrastination.

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