observations are deeply personal

Reading a rant? Different people see different things. Or said another way, what people see is dependent on who they are and their life experiences.

mystery stick figure handing a red ball to a blindfolded stick figure with a hole in chest

The Danger of Outsourcing Your Inner Compass

If you’re told you cannot trust yourself, so you outsource the criteria for your decision-making, whose internal compass do you have?

top books of 2023 book covers stacked diagonally on a purple background

Top Books of 2023

Of the 65+ books read over the past year, I’ve selected the top 5 that immediately come to mind as being the most impactful/worth re-reading (+bonus kid books).

hand holding an iphone with a blackened screen and a white question mark

Top 5 Apps I Can’t Live Without: 2023 Edition

Five years ago I shared 8 apps I couldn’t live without, and it’s time for an update. Technology and habits change fast, so let’s see where I’m at today.


The Wisdom of Paint and Intuition

An attempt to paint “rest” became a lesson on listening to myself.


Not Everything Needs to be Fixed

Paintings tell a story. Do we dislike the story they’re telling? Or is it that we simply aren’t listening?


Why You Need a Therapist, and How to Find One

Every one of us grows up in an imperfect environment, developing coping mechanisms that we carry throughout our lives. We’re influenced by something invisible.


Painting Observations

Two paintings in my studio made me think. Resilience isn’t the result of a negative experience; it’s a result of working through its aftermath.


On Re-Reading Books

Daily thought: re-reading a book is never the same experience; you are never the same person.


Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

Taking care of others requires taking care of yourself. The people around you feed off your energy; managing your own stress is beneficial for them too.

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