[ sap-uh-ney-shuhs ] resembling soap; soapy.

6" x 6"


acrylic ink, paint marker, pen, collage, varnish

This was excess ink I blotted onto a sheet of standard cover weight paper (not watercolor paper). It ended up being really cool, so cut it down to my standard 6″ square and turned it into the painting for saponaceous. This word made me think bubbles, so I created ink bubbles with the bottle dropper for the top right corner. The bottom right is layered oil paint marker and a transparency sheet.

This is a bit of a random fun abstract, but I’ll be sure to blot my ink on proper watercolor paper next time. This wasn’t easy to work with, and will need some serious flattening.

Saponaceous mixed media word painting by Sarah M. Schumacher