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I'm a self-taught mixed media artist, writer of essays and poetry, a science/tech nerd obsessed with books and the intersection of ideas.

Amanuensis mixed media painting by Sarah M. Schumacher

Welcome to the experimental pixel gallery where I write essays to calm my 100-mile-an-hour mind, turn abstract thoughts into abstract paintings, and share notes on the 42 books I’m reading at any given time. Subscribe to get notifications as I post new art, essays, and the occasional tech how-to or app review.

– sarah m. schumacher


personal exercises in thinking more deeply and non-dualistically.


abstract thoughts in acrylic paint, ink and collected objects.


nonfiction book ratings and reviews as I complete them.


my favorite art supplies, coffeeshops and Kansas City.

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May 27, 2024
mixed media of a Minecraft enchanted fishing pole in an item frame

The Ultimate Fishing Pole

December 21, 2023
Weeds mixed media painting by Sarah M. Schumacher

In the Weeds

September 5, 2023


Sarah M. Schumacher headshot 2022

abstract thoughts from an artist tech nerd

sarah m. schumacher

I’m a self-taught mixed media artist and writer of essays and poetry. I turn abstract thoughts into abstract paintings in acrylic paint, ink and collected objects. The goal of my art and writing is to communicate a concept and encourage its understanding in a more complex, non-dualistic way.

I've been running a website design & development agency for 15+ years, consulting with startups and small businesses on turning an idea into a business into a website. I love what I do, but a recent epiphany is that I take it too seriously, and it's in my best interest to spend some time on stuff I want to create, just for the sake of creating.

If you enjoy connecting with authentic weirdos who elucidate on insights from therapy, frustrations with social constructs, nerd out over tech automations or wax poetic about a good book, please subscribe as I develop a regular cadence for my art, whatever form it chooses to take.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

 – Howard Thurman

art collections

Eftsoons mixed media word painting by Sarah M. Schumacher


Word of the Day, illustrated.

Enderman kid collab mixed media painting by Sarah M. Schumacher

Kid Collabs

Painting with an 8yo.

V2.Exploration mixed media painting by Sarah M. Schumacher

Art That Blows

Instruments to art.

Gonzo mixed media haiku painting by Sarah M. Schumacher


6" to illustrate my haiku.

Disaffect mixed media painting by Sarah M. Schumacher


Personal process paintings.

Headcrab mixed media painting from Valve Half-Life video game by Sarah M. Schumacher


Nerdy projects for kicks.

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