The Ultimate Fishing Pole

10" x 10"

stretched canvas

acrylic paint, acrylic ink, paint marker, varnish

During family Minecraft sessions, my husband is known to spend a lot of time fishing (seriously, do it long enough and you can catch valuable items like saddles and enchanted books). His gift from our kid (9yo) this year was a painting of a fishing pole, maxed out on enchantments (which makes it turn iridescent purple).

I purchased an ugly holiday canvas framed deal from Home Goods, then gessoed over it, since we wanted a “wood” frame to mimic the style of item frames in Minecraft. I made a stencil and masked off the fishing pole so the kid could paint the background. Then we reverse stenciled and he painted the background of the fishing pole purple and pink. I went over the top/edges with paint marker details. His feedback made this better – he had a good eye for getting the colors/fill right.

mixed media of a Minecraft enchanted fishing pole in an item frame

While these are all real enchantments, Luck of the Sea does not go up to 38 (that's the joke).