This painting is a commentary of life before and after having a kid, and the paint splatter weighs exactly half as much as my kid as a newborn.

48" x 36"

stretched canvas

Sharpie, acrylic paint, computer circuit boards, spray paint, gel medium

Easily the most important piece I’ve ever done. This painting is one of the things I would save if my house were burning down (would be difficult, seeing as how this probably weighs 50 pounds). I love mechanical things, particularly circuit boards, to use in artwork, and I’ve been collecting them for years. I wrote text on the canvas itself, then painted over for the background. Over the span of a year I chose and arranged these circuit boards to fit on the right side. Many hours, many coats of paint. Just mounting the circuit boards into the canvas was also a significant amount of time.

Once the painting and circuit board portion was complete, I hung it on the wall for nearly a year until I was ready for the final step. Dropped paint. If you’ve read about my process, this is always risky, but it was extremely risky for a piece of this size and time investment. It’s the most important component and landed well, fortunately. The splatter is 3 lbs. 4 oz. of paint, required help to carry back inside the house, and took weeks to dry.