opportune project:
no budget

6" x 6"

140# hot-press watercolor paper

acrylic paint, gloss medium, thermal additive, Sharpie pen

larruping: very; exceedingly.

This was the only completely random piece of my first The 100 Day Project series. I was just messing around, which is actually difficult for me, seeing as how much sketching and deliberation goes into my process. I was also using this piece to test an additive I had purchased for another painting.

I remember being surprised it was someone’s favorite of my whole series. One of the greatest benefits of participating in that project was seeing the response on art I posted and didn’t like. I’ve learned some of the paintings I like the least, others like the most.

I assume around that time I must have bid on an exciting potential project for my business the client didn’t have the money for or something. This was the final piece (day 21) before I called it quits.

Larruping mixed media haiku painting by Sarah M. Schumacher