16″ x 20″

stretched canvas

acrylic paint, collage, mixed media, Sharpie, acrylic ink, paint marker, varnish

This was an emotional process painting late at night. All the frustration about the current state of events, everything wrong in this country, everything trapped in my psyche. My traumatized mirror neurons had to be dumped somewhere… so I dumped them on this canvas. I wrote in Sharpie everything on my mind. The name of every victim of the racial murders in Buffalo. Every child and teacher murdered in Uvalde. The asinine bills being proposed, the constructs perpetrating so much hate, the adjectives describing the behavior of people not fit to be in the public spotlight, much less given power.

It was a chaotic painting process over the top, but when I was ready for collage layers and opened my files… there she was. The most perfect image to express the fury that should be present in every womxn in America right now. A tornadic swirl of torn fragments of expectations. The storm that is, the storm that’s coming: an X to mark where it stops.