Art That Blows 2022

16.5" x 16.5"


violin back, collage, matte medium, acrylic paint, paint marker, clarinet screws, clarinet key rods, spray paint, varnish, drum lug, drum hoop

While creating Traverse, the cello-in-drum-hoop concept for ATB 2020, I had the idea for a smaller version of this with violins. I decided to explore that concept in 2022, so I sketched out a series of 5 pieces that will ultimately represent 5 unique skills learned by practicing, then mastering, a musical instrument.

I worked on both V1 (Diligence) and V2 (Exploration) this year, although Exploration is the only one completed in 2022.

This piece represents the idea of play, creativity, exploring possibilities. Bright and exciting, it encourages the arrangement of color and shapes in the same way you might play with scales, chords, or a second (or third) instrument. It’s important to begin with V1.Diligence, because the beginnings of learning a new instrument are difficult and not always fun or inspiring. But push through the initial resistance and you’ll find there’s much to explore.

This piece is made entirely from instrument pieces: drum lugs were used to suspend the violin between a drum hoop.