Park Road

36" x 24"

stretched canvas

acrylic paint, texture paste

In fall 2020, my kid (6yo) started drawing on the whiteboard in my studio while I was meditating. I closed my eyes to a blank whiteboard, then opened them 20 minutes later to see this elaborate masterpiece.

It looks like a cool abstract piece, but when I asked what it was, he said it was a park. The orange line around the outside was a road, the white bars parking lines, black asphalt, blue is a pond, and the circle portion was so that cars could drive around “so the kids would get excited.” I was so impressed by the whole thing I told him we had to recreate it for real.

Because of the color/edge detail, I had to assist more than usual with this one with the fine lines and cleanup. The pond was all him though, and it was a great exercise in teaching him how to mask properly.

Park Road kid collab mixed media painting by Sarah M. Schumacher