Angry Bird

8.5" x 11"


charcoal, graphite

I found a kid’s graphite/charcoal art kit on the clearance rack, then pulled up a YouTube video of a guy drawing a realistic eye to teach the kid (8yo) how to use charcoal. He dove right in, but started drawing an eye without really watching the video.

When I looked over I pointed out how the eye actually looked like a cockatoo (or more specifically an angry bird style drawing). He just ran with it, adding a wing, legs, then a jetpack (?) complete with clouds (this was the smudging part of the lesson). The bird is holding a fire extinguisher under his wing because that’s how Wall-E steered himself through space. There’s a shooting star in the top left, and the moon in the top right.

Angry Bird kid collab mixed media painting by Sarah M. Schumacher