Master Alien

4" x 4"

canvas panel

acrylic paint, Sharpie, paint marker

One of our friends is a huge fan of the Alien movie franchise. I’ve never watched them, but I found an alien reference image from a “random furry artist” on DeviantArt and the kid (5yo) and I painted this for our friend’s birthday.

I happened to use some leftover black paint on one of the kid’s canvas panels that day, and he added the blue swirl background. I sketched in and painted the alien, then did a quick Sharpie sketch over the paint. Bummed I didn’t get a photo of that before my son went crazy with the green. I had him outline the obvious outside edges of the alien, and he drew in the little oval armor patch looking deals. The green is all him. I’d planned for him to add a small amount as an accent color (dripping saliva and maybe a couple splatters) but he just kept going. He said the dots everywhere were “saliva falling out of the sky…” ???

He liked this so much that he wanted to keep it, so I guess that’s a win. He named it “Master Alien.”