4" x 4"

canvas panel

acrylic paint, spray paint, Sharpie, glitter, satin finish

I was masking the grid for the Transformation piece and asked my kid (4yo) if he wanted to mask some art with me. He asked to do an Enderman (we’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft lately) so I made a stencil.

I had to mix the specific shade of pink he wanted. While I would never purchase glitter on purpose, I happened to have a sample from another purchase (…he loves glitter…). The Sharpie lines he drew are blocks the Enderman is moving around (something they do in the game) and there’s a random backwards checkmark in there because I’ve been teaching him about list-making recently, so he’s been into checkboxes.

Enderman kid collab mixed media painting by Sarah M. Schumacher