2 Minutes

5.5" x 8"


collage, acrylic paint, watch face, wire, paint marker

Like probably most small children, my son (3yo)  is all about scissors and cutting things out. I gave him some magazine pages to obliterate, and he did a decent job of cutting out a picture of a clock. We collaged that onto a sample of wood flooring and then I let him paint it. Interestingly, he painted precisely over the top of the collaged photo, as well as somewhat around it. Kid paint smears aren’t always in the “right” places – this is an example of a painting where I removed the paint in one area to make it more aesthetically pleasing. I added the grid and wire.

At this age everything had to take place in “two minutes”, so this piece named itself.

2 Minutes kid collab mixed media painting by Sarah M. Schumacher